5 Simple Ways To Improve Board Confidence

If you are wondering how to get more confident at skateboarding then you’re not alone.

A lot of people ask me how to get more comfortable on a skateboard.

It’s a totally natural question for people who are still learning many of the basics, and even some intermediates who want to push through a plateau. I’ve been there, I’m pretty sure we all have.

5 Tips To Improve Your Confidence On Your Skateboard

#1 Practice Pushing Constantly

This might seem obvious to many, but it isn’t to all of us. I wanted to just progress to doing tricks when I first started, and it robbed me of spending time on the board just skateboarding around. Pushing is immensely beneficial to build up all of the muscles, ligaments, etc. It improves your balance, and this is when you start to feel more comfortable on the board. You can also practice pushing with your other foot, whether you’re goofy or regular, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with both feet.

#2 Go Faster

You’ve got to push through comfort zones all the time as a skateboarder, and in addition to pushing, you just want to make sure that you’re pushing enough that you can cruise around faster than you would normally be comfortable with. This is one of the best confidence builders because nothing makes you feel more confident than knowing you can control the board at speeds you’ve never managed before.

#3 Practice Falling

One of the biggest reasons that people aren’t comfortable skateboarding is the fear of falling. Of course this is totally natural, but also you have to know you’re going to fall a lot. Not every fall is going to be serious, but equally that’s why when skateboarding we should also be doing training to make sure we minimize those risks. The same goes with practicing to fall. Knowing how to fall better builds confidence very quickly.

#4 Jump, Jump, Jump

This one is a great tip for beginners who aren’t doing any tricks yet. One great way to improve your comfort levels is to practice little jumps on the board. You don’t have to jump very high at all, just enough to land on the board safely and know it’s not going to go flying out from underneath you if you do that. Over time you can practice jumping a little higher, until you feel safe to start attempting to do tricks such as your first ollie.

#5 Mix It Up

Most beginners like to find a place they can skate this is smooth with even terrain. Which is great, but also you need to graduate on from that as soon as possible to start skateboarding on different kinds of terrain. It’s going to throw you a few curve balls like little cracks in cement, possibly a rock here and there. You’ll learn to think fast while also becoming more confident in your ability to handle various situations.