Strength Training For Skateboarders

Athletes of all types use strength training to improve their performance at their chosen sports… It’s no different for skateboarding. Skateboarders can benefit from strength training enormously.

When training it is common for skateboarders to practice small movements over and over again. This helps when you perform tricks because you’ve already mastered each individual part of the move.

This is how strength training helps you improve as well.

Strengthening For Skateboarding

Another benefit is that training for strength will help you avoid injuries, but most of all it’s going to help improve individual movements/tricks which are used repeatedly, such as ollies.

The other benefit of strength training is that unlike bodybuilding, where you’re performing higher numbers of reps which causes hypertrophy, with strength training you’re not necessarily going to gain loads of size. So this makes it ideal for skateboarders.

Here are a few of the best strengthening exercises you should be performing for skateboarding.

Partial Squats:

Partial squats are probably more important for skaters than regular ‘full squats’. This is because it allows you to train just part of the movement, this can help build explosiveness and gives you much more pop on your board.

Starting from the bottom position of a squat, try pushing up until you thighs are parallel with your knees.

Then repeat this starting from the top position e.g. from standing up.

You can start off using just your body weight, but it’s often better to do this with a dumbbell in each hand.

Do no more than 6 reps of each, and 1-2 sets is fine.


Lunges are another leg exercise, but you don’t really want to be doing a lot of these. These help strengthen areas that aren’t as commonly strengthened during skateboarding, which makes this an ideal injury preventative. It also helps in the sense that people say you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

If performing with dumbbells, do no more than 6 reps for each leg for 1-2 sets each.

Explosive Jumps:

Ever heard of an explosive jump? The idea is that you hold some weights in your hands, such as some dumbbells and practice jumping from the very bottom position of a squat. You want to use as much force as possible.

This helps build fast-twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for raw explosiveness and power.

Perform no more than 10 of these for a single set.

Calf Raises:

Another leg exercise, this is for strengthening your calves a.k.a ‘calfs’.

Standing with the area just beneath your toes on a step, allow your heels to dip below the step and then start to lift yourself up with the toe area.

This can mostly be done with bodyweight only, however variations where you don’t use a step can be done with weights. As always don’t do more than 2 sets and vary the reps depending on what you feel works for you.


Skaters have amazing amounts of core strength already, but planks give you a challenge that you might not be as used to with skateboarding.

Planks are easily one of the best ways to build better core strength, but you need to make sure you’re doing them right.

This short video shows you how to do them correctly.

Straight-Legged Deadlift:

These deadlifts help build explosive power when done with a little speed, and the great thing about them is that they hit the hamstrings which is a common area of injury/weakness, and dare I say it undeveloped area which holds skaters back generally!

If you have a barbell you might find it easier to do this with one of them, as you’ll be surprised how much you can actually lift. However, dumbbells also work well.

If going heavy do 6 reps for 2 sets, and if using dumbbells you can do 8-10 reps for 2 sets.

The Final Push:

There are plenty of other things you can be doing, but these are some of the more ‘uncommon’ ones which I think are going to be beneficial to any skateboarder no matter what age they are. It’ll help you skate better, for longer, and with less injuries.