Skateboarding and Covid – Treat It As An Injury?

Skateboarding injuries are inevitable, and recovery time is required, but what isn’t always as obvious is whether you should treat viruses the same way. If you get coronavirus (covid-19) should you still be skateboarding?

I actually did get covid this year, despite social distancing and other preventative measures a delivery driver walked into my backyard while I was outside and simply handed me a package. There was nothing I could have done as it happened so quickly, and that’s all it took. Some people don’t take it seriously.

Now I won’t go into the symptoms, but I will talk about my experience with it as a skater.

First of all, I was only really cruising around an old car park near my house at night. So throughout this I’ve given skateparks a miss, so there was no reason why I should have to stop doing that.

Note: Most people in my local skatepark are actually wearing masks. I’m just a loner and still wouldn’t have wanted to risk giving it to anyone when I found out I got it, even though I do have a mask.

However after a week of delivery driver dip$hit, it became pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to continue skating.

I was feeling very weak, had insane body aches and I knew that exerting myself physically would simply hinder my recovery, or worse yet – make me get sicker than I already was.

When it comes to viruses, infections or the flu, your body has a lot to be contending with. It’s never ideal to be skateboarding when you are sick, but covid isn’t even in the same league as many of these… I had mono as a kid and the best thing I can describe it as, would be if mono and the flu were teaming up for a serious collab.

Unfortunately after about 10 days of no skating I started to get my old skateboarding recovered plantar fasciitis come back.

It took me about 20 days to start feeling completely better, and after giving it another week I’ve just started going back out to cruise and get back into the swing of things. So around a month in total.

Would this have taken longer if I had continued to skate?

Just like any injury or illness, of course that’s the case.

Sometimes the best proactive action you can take for skateboarding is actually doing nothing. So if you have coronavirus, don’t skate — just wait.