5 Best Skateboard Knee Pads (.. That Really Protect Your Knees)

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Fun fact, most skating injuries could have been prevented by the use of knee pads. Not all knee pads are created equal. It is just as important to ensure that you get the best possible skateboard knee pads. Your safety is depending on them. 

The ideal product would be one that not only protects your knees but is also cushioned. Fortunately, these two factors tend to run hand in hand.

This article is going to give you 5 skateboard knee pads that you can absolutely depend on. Each product will be reviewed in some detail. That includes what we like as well as what could be better. Now, without further ado, let’s see these products.

JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads

This is not just the knee pads. It is a package that includes elbow and wrist padding as well. Based on the material that these pads are made of, you are assured of a durable product. The versatility of these pads is such that you are not limited to using them for skating. They can also be used in activities such as cycling. The elasticity of the EVA padding material makes these breathable. 

Another factor that may go unnoticed is the fact that these pads are suitable for both children and adults. This means you can have a set of pads that you can transition with as you grow. Did we mention that there are several colours to choose from? The straps make it easier to adjust to a preferred fit.

The impactable plastic used on the knee pads is tried and true. It can take varying degrees of force without giving it. 


  • They have adjustable straps
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Provide adequate protection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes as a complete set


  • The plastic cups’ shape makes it uncomfortable for some users
  • Certainly not for professional-level use
  • The sizes are not for big people

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

If the shapes of the knee cups are troublesome for you, these may just be the solution that you have been waiting for. These cups on the Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads are embedded onto the soft material that surrounds your knees. This is a breathable lycra material with some essential padding. It adds to the comfort that the user experiences without compromising on protection. 

The use of neoprene backing enhances the support that these knee pads provide to the rider. It also makes these pads suitable for use in all types of weather, seeing as neoprene is known to maintain its flexibility in all conditions. 

They have a hook and loop mechanism of fastening. This makes them incredibly secure. When you factor in the padding, they are just as comfortable. They are available in sizes for both children and adults. The prevailing wisdom is to buy one size up.


  • They are very comfortable
  • The lycra is breathable
  • They are available in various sizes
  • The design is well thought out
  • They are reasonably priced


  • The sizing chart is inaccurate
  • No sizes for large thighs
  • The velcro straps could be more durable

187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

If a combination of cushioning and protection sounds about right for you, then these could be the ones. They are designed to take on multiple impacts. This is courtesy of the dual-density foam. What we liked the most about these is the lock-in cap system. This gives you the chance to adjust the position of the knee guard cap to suit you. It sits in a ballistic nylon material that surrounds the knee. 

The construction of these is a 3 panel one. It is synonymous with high-level performance. The open-back design makes it easier for you to get into and out of these. Together with breathability, the inner lining is also quick to dry. It does not have any seams, which adds to its overall durability. 

The industrial stitching is worth mentioning. Based on testing, they seem to be the real deal. This is an essential aspect considering the range of motion required in skateboarding. 


  • It features heavy-duty stitching for durability
  • The nylon used is lightweight and quick to dry
  • Provides cushioning and protection from multiple impacts
  • The cap positioning is adjustable
  • The open back makes it breathable


  • Some sizing issues have been noted

Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads

These are sleeveless knee pads that are made to take punishment. What sets them about from others in the market is the use of memory foam padding. This means that as you use them, the foam will adjust to your preferred shape to give you maximum comfort. The knee cap is a high-density one. It is designed to be impact resistant and durable. 

The sleeveless design makes these knee pads easy to put on and to remove. You can benefit from the hook and loop closure system to adjust to a suitable size. This can be as tight or loose as you would like them to be. The reinforced rivets go a long way in holding it all together. 

You can also find comfort in knowing that there is a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty cover on these. 


  • They are very comfortable
  • They are durable
  • Provide great protections
  • They are easy to adjust
  • The memory foam enhances padding


  • Some users found them to be too bulky
  • Getting the sizing right can be a challenge

G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad

The G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad takes a fresh look at the knee cup. In fact, they have not gone with a cup at all. Their design is more versatile. It is one that offers the flexibility of movement without the rigidity of a cap. The SmartFlex system is designed to harden on impact. It is a body-mapped system that delivers exceptional impact absorption. 

You will also notice that the UPF 50+ compression fabric covers a wider range. Fortunately, it is a moisture wicking fabric that provides comfort and keeps you dry. It is well-ventilated. Any reservations in this regard can be put to rest. There are silicone grippers that hold the pads in place while you skate. 

These knee pads are waterproof. Thanks to the SmartFlex process. All sweat will be dealt with by the foam. 


  • The SmartFlex allows ease of movement
  • They provide great impact protection
  • They are highly breathable
  • They are very comfortable
  • They have a moisure-wicking capability
  • They are machine-washable


  • Some quality control issues with durability noted
  • Sizing chart is not accurate


Having read all of the reviews, is there one that stands out to you? Although they come at the higher point of our pricing scale. The ability to change the position of the knee cap makes the 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads our preferred option. 

There are various features that they share with the other knee pads. One of these is the comfort that is provided by the material surrounding the knee cap. In this case, they use a dual-density foam of padding. Once we have factored this an all of the other features that we discussed in the product description above, this is the set of knee pads that we give a nod to.

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