5 Best Skateboard Bearings (.. For Better Skateboarding)

Skateboard bearings are one of the parts that most of us are hardly ever mindful of. This is because they are not this most visible part of the skateboard. Out of sight is out mind, as they say. However, they perform one of the most important functions for any skateboarder. 

The speed that you are able to achieve on your skateboard is often attributed to the wheels. This, of course, is inaccurate. It is in fact the bearings that ensure rotation and balance of the board. Replacing a poor set of bearings with a good one can make it feel as though you have bought a new skateboard. Such is the importance of these things. 

What does one look for in the best skateboard bearings? Well, there are various things to be considered. The main things to be mindful of include their ABEC rating, the groove, inner ring, shield, spacers, and the washers. There are other things that could be considered, but getting these things right should set you in the right direction. 

This article will consider 5 impressive skateboard bearings that are available on the market. We will cover their pros and cons as well. This should give you enough information to make a good decision. Let’s get into it. 

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack 

One way to measure how good bearings are is to consider how well they do on the market. Seeing as the Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack is one of the best selling bearings in the US, we have our answer. Look out for the “Skate Rated” sticker to ensure product authenticity. 

The bearings boast of a single rubber shield that makes them very easy to clean. It also does a great job of minimizing the amount of friction on the bearing. The strength and speed of the bearing are courtesy of the nylon ball retainer. It smoothens the movement of all the parts that it comes into contact with. They have a diameter of 22mm x 8mm x 7mm. 

These bearings come pre-lubricated. The lubricant is not the only thing that is skate rated. Clearances, tolerances, and the rest of the material used is as well. This tells us that they are purpose-built. As the name suggests, the box comes with 8 bearings. It also has user instructions and a logo sticker. 


  • These are from a renowned brand.
  • They are purpose-built.
  • They come pre-lubricated.
  • Easy to authenticate.


  • Quality control needs to improve.
  • Spacers and washers are not included.

Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearings, Skateboard Bearings

Perhaps a pack of 10 bearings sounds better to you? The Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearing has the following dimensions: 8x22x7mm. They boast of a steady rubber sealed, deep groove. To ensure a product that is durable the manufacturer has used carbon steel to make these. That gives you bearings that are able to take on heavy loads without giving in to the pressure of the weight.

Both sides of the bearings are covered with a plastic shield. This ensures that they do not lose lubrication. It also keeps debris out, keeping everything in fine form. Rust protection oil has been used on these bearings as well. While this is an important protective measure, it also means that they need to be stored away from moisture or damp. 

The design of the bearings makes them suitable for moderate loads. They can be used for skateboards, scooters, inline skates, and rollers. 


  • They are made of durable carbon steel.
  • The bearings are plastic shielded.
  • They come with rust protection oil in them.


  • They don’t fare well when exposed to moisture.

Bronson Speed Co, G2 Skateboard Bearings

If you are looking to strike a balance between performance and affordability, this may be it. The first performance-focused feature are the deep groove raceways. These see to a reduction in side-impact that your axials and angular sides have to endure. That is a great way to ensure the durability of your bearings. 

This manufacturer’s products are synonymous with durability. They feature a cage design that maintains the gap between the bearing balls. You are also assured of a high resistance to wear and tear. There has also been an increased emphasis on delivering bearings that would work just as well in dusty environments. Part of this effort is by making sure that this dust does not get to the bearings.  

They come with high-speed ceramic oil already added to them. Each box comes with 8 ball bearings. Bronson Speed Co hand-inspect their products when packing them. How does that sound for quality control?


  • They are hand-inspected during packing.
  • Ball-bearing friction is kept to a minimum.
  • Bang for buck performance.


  • Performance isn’t consistent.

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

How does some high precision German engineering sound? That is what these Yellow Jacket Stingers have to offer. They can be purchased in a pack of 4, 8, or 16. The first thing that makes them as good as they are, is the high-quality steel that is used in the manufacturing process. 

According to the manufacturer, there is no bearing in the world that can live up to their smoothness of spin. This is not a claim that we can quite stand behind. Seeing as we have yet to test all that the world has to offer.

There are different color seals on offer. This allows for customization and for the protection of your bearings from debris. When debris is kept out, the bearings generally last longer. Yellow Jacket made these bearings to compete with Bone Swiss Bearings. The kicker is that they come at a lower price point. 

If you are not familiar with this brand, you can try them out with some peace of mind. Courtesy of their hassle-free money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased, they will refund you with no questions asked. 


  • Come with a money-back guarantee.
  • They are smooth rollers.
  • Great quality for the price point.


  • Installation could be easier.

RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings

If we were only considering packaging and presentation, these would be a clear winner. They come in a lovely tin box packed in such a way that they do not bump or rub against one another. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving bearings that are damaged in transit. This box contains a set of 8 ABEC 9 bearings. They are designed to facilitate high speed and performance. 

To ensure the speed that is promised right out of the box, these bearings come pre-lubricated. It is the lubrication that reduces the amount of friction, thus allowing full speed to be achieved. There is a considerable effort that has also gone into making sure that they are smooth as they rotate. This reduces the bumpiness of the ride. 

Part of the manufacturing process was getting skaters to try these out. The invaluable feedback received during this process was used to deliver this final product. There are 7 balls in each bearing. These are kept a reasonable distance apart. You will be pleased to find that Radeckal back these bearings with a money-back guarantee. 


  • They come with a money-back guarantee.
  • The packaging is excellent.
  • Tested by skaters.
  • Amazing performance on longboards.


  • Quality control could be better.


All of the bearings that we have considered above have great features to offer. Going with any of them will guarantee you a good quality product. After considering all of their features, which of course, includes what they could improve on our top pick is the Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings. 

These are arguably the most sought after bearings on the market. That is with good reason. They consistently deliver high-level performances for users. Bones Reds made these specifically for skateboarding. That means a lot of testing in situ. You must give them a go.