5 Tricks Beginners Should Learn First

If you are new to skateboarding you’ll inevitably want to learn how to do all the tricks you can as fast as you can.

We’ve all been there but, it’s better to actually progress in a certain way.

If you get the foundations right, learning all the other tricks later becomes easier to do and then master.

In this article we’ll be uncovering those 5 top tricks for beginners.

#1 Ollie

An ollie is pretty much the most famous trick there is, and it’s the foundation to pretty much every other trick you’ll be doing. It’s the undisputed king of beginners tricks.

#2 Manual

These can be a little bit scary at first, but you’re going to end up needing to learn these as fast as possible. It helps you with board control and it’ll help build up skills that transfer into other tricks. The manual is easily one of the foundations for any skateboarding training you should be doing as a beginner. So don’t skip it.

#3 Chinese Nollie

One of the coolest tricks, and maybe one of the easiest tricks on this list for me when I was learning. The Chinese Nollie is one that you simply can’t ignore as being an essential to learn as a beginner.

#4 Pop Shove It

This trick looks super cool, and as a beginner if you can learn to do this you’ll be off to a great start. It’s also super addictive.

#5 Kickflip

When I learned to kickflip it was done another way, often known now as an ‘oldschool kickflip’ luckily there’s a better way to do it now. While it’s still hard to do, it’s a trick that has become more accessible to beginners over time. I’d say it’s a must-learn trick for beginners to start working at as soon as possible.